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These Icon's are uber sexy's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
These Icon's are uber sexy

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[24 May 2004|04:09pm]

Want these Icons

i'm bored [16 Mar 2004|05:02pm]

Today i had a snow day, so i made icons. lol
I made:
x lots of skulls
x some stars
x some have lyrics

no pictures or bases. just some cute weird stuff

You don't need to credit me-- just leave a comment telling what you're taking.

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[22 Feb 2004|10:52pm]
Can someone make me an icon out of these? Please, I'll credit you. I'd greatly appreciate it.

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[02 Jan 2004|10:41pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

  • three afi headers
  • one mest[tony lovato] f.o. sign
  • one the early november [ace enders] f.o. sign.
  • one orlando bloom header
  • one orlando bloom f.o. sign
  • beyonce header[lmfao I know, but I made it so psh it's going to be posted
  • one trent ford[how to deal] header
  2. upload to own server
  3. credit

click for lots of crap, all are .png so let them LOAD.Collapse )

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I'm bored [23 Dec 2003|05:57pm]

here is some icons; this community needs some =)

They're really simple-- some are bases-- some have "something" to them

want me to add something?-- tell me
want me to change something?-- tell me

.x. Don't ask; take whatever want.
.x. No Credit
.x. You can do whatever you want to them
.x. Please Comment & Tell me what you are taking.
.x. Enjoy

This is my christmas present to you guysCollapse )
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[04 Dec 2003|04:04pm]

I'm sorry but I can't help it. Go join my other community

Want these Icons

Hello again [29 Nov 2003|10:54pm]
[ mood | blah ]

If someone could make me a jack skellington icon or any nightmare before christmas icon, I will love you forever. I will of course credit you in my info...

so, pretty please?

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[19 Nov 2003|02:29pm]

so im seeing a lot of people with hold on icons, and people that are trying to find some. well i was bored last thursday and started making a few and ended up making 50 throughout the whole video. they have plain text on them, some lyrics from the part of the video the capture is from. they are all jpegs if they didnt turn out well (a few have really dark text because of the format change like the one with bleed and you in red) leave a comment and ill send you the one you want in gif or png format. here are 3 for a little preview the rest are behind the cut. i dont care if you credit me or not, like i have the time or patience to go search around. i made 50 and ill be lucky to use 2 of them. just dont take any of them as your own please.


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[18 Nov 2003|09:59pm]

I've got a request for someone in the community.

Can someone take this animation
and turn it into an icon for me? It will probably be a lot of work, and if no one wants to do it, that's fine. But, if someone does, I just want it to be a plain animation. Please and thank you in advance.
4 Sexed These Icons|Want these Icons

icons, yeah? [11 Nov 2003|11:49pm]

basically all bases.

.x. no credit
.x. don't ask.. take whatever you want. but leave a comment
.x. Enjoy.
and yes, you can add to them =)
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Sorry i didn't have time to add anything on them. I'm a busy child and i ran out of ideas. So feel free to put your own stuff on them. Enjoy
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[26 Oct 2003|09:53pm]

I changed the layout(finally). Tell me what you guys think?
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hmm :) [18 Oct 2003|09:00pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

icons, yes?
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7 Sexed These Icons|Want these Icons

[16 Oct 2003|04:18pm]

[ mood | blank ]

W00t! icons!

yeah, heres an icon i made...


of you don't know, it's in french, it means "do you want to sleep with me this evening?" its from the song lady marmalade...

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[25 Jul 2002|12:34am]

[ mood | high ]

yo mah homies, its me sean...also known as kyles bitch. Anyway, i have this really uber sexy icon, it doesnt have anything to do w/ a band but i was wonderin if i could put it here anyway...also, whats the HTML used to post pics? Cause i don't know it, and i wanna know it. so can someone please tell me? how about this, who ever tells me first gets a free hand job, k? unless you're a girl...then you just get the tape of me and kyle at that hotel the other night...

hehehe...you know you want it...

adios chicas,


3 Sexed These Icons|Want these Icons

[06 Oct 2003|01:18pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I figured out how to do layouts so I need your*points* help. So what I want you to do is comment with which band you want as the theme.

Good Charlotte
Simple Plan
Or a slashy one.

Then we'll go from there.

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i'm so proud of myself. [28 Sep 2003|05:38pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello guys. I'm sorry guys- i haven't posted any icons lately, i'm working on some right now.. but i have no ideas. so yeah. and as you should know, i made an icon journal. well, i changed that into a music community, so please go check it out illegal_gesture.

how does this have to do with an icon community, read the user info~ you'll see

-thanks to anyone who joins, and once you join. PLEASE post something. i don't care if it's a picture of an asshole. post something ;)

Want these Icons

[21 Sep 2003|05:05pm]

Yea, I know this sounds stupid. But does anyone know an easier way to make this effect here the changing color int he text? The way I do it takes forever.
2 Sexed These Icons|Want these Icons

[07 Sep 2003|06:44pm]

One icon. Jsut one. If you take it, credit and comment.

tonys ass

Can you guys tell me of bands that would be good for icons? I'm running out of ideas.
8 Sexed These Icons|Want these Icons

[07 Sep 2003|05:36pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Hey my friends.. I made an icon journal.. it's [illegal_gesture]

go there and ask if you want to be added.. but make sure you like my icons


Want these Icons

A request [06 Sep 2003|08:39pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could make me a Daniel Johns icon. I will fully credit whoever makes it. I don't have any favorite pictures of him, so whatever ones you find or use I'll be happy with.

6 Sexed These Icons|Want these Icons

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